Absorbing your culture
    to build brand experience.

  • Sigma Alpha Epsilon

    Merging powerful images and words
    to tell memorable stories.

  • ProExam

    Using design thinking
    to simplify the complex.

  • Midwest CareCenter

    Conducting research and workshops
    to inform creative online experiences.

  • Harmon Mutes

    Synthesizing ideas and imagery
    to propel your brand success.

  • Dexter Magnetic Technologies

    Discovering customers' feelings
    to create emotional branding.

  • Symbria

    Linking brand strategy
    to connect all customer touchpoints.


Web Design






Marketing and Advertising


Web Marketing

  • Adler Planetarium

    Going supernova.

    The theme of Adler Planetarium’s Annual Celestial Ball inspired our interactive invitation that explodes as it unfolds with the excitement of the Supernova event theme.

  • Poster Work

    A budding idea. 

    NeigerDesign created this poster to support the Chicago Sustainability initiative, planting the seed for citizens to play a bigger role in the care and feeding of their environment. 

  • Witt/Kieffer

    Transforming leadership. 

    The academic landscape of higher education is changing dramatically. 

    We help Witt/Kieffer lead organizations and individuals through the challenging process of executive search and placement—as college presidents and their senior staff leaders reshape their roles and strategies. 

    The focus is on providing exceptional leadership solutions to the nation's top educational institutions. 

  • Anixter Center

    Soaring to new heights.

    Anixter Center needed a new brand identity that reflected their leadership position in passionately providing innovative services to individuals with disabilities.

    We created a new brand represented by a kite, focusing on the ability of every individual to reach his or her own potential. The ability to soar.

  • Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)

    A bright future. 

    We created this campaign for the Institute of Real Estate Management to inspire high school and college students to choose an exciting career in the growing field of real estate management.

  • Alpha Phi Websites

    Building community.

    The lifeblood of Alpha Phi is the vitality of the chapters. We created a suite of website templates that allowed each chapter to easily build and maintain its own website, projecting its individual personality while reflecting the quality and excitement of the national brand.