New Website Launch: A Greener Solution

Written By: NeigerDesign

New Website Launch: A Greener Solution

NeigerDesign is pleased to announce the launch of the new “A Greener Solution” website!

Built on a fully-customized Joomla framework with an integrated content management system (CMS), A Greener Solution’s website highlights their unique ability to save companies money through advanced by-product management. A Greener Solution has worked with organizations to dramatically reduce landfill and waste-hauling costs, develop comprehensive recycling campaigns, and identify realizable goals and strategies to achieve real cost and environmental benefits.

Working within a tight timeline, NeigerDesign partnered with A Greener Solution to identify their key messaging, create appropriate imagery and website design components, and develop a robust, optimized website. The end result was a clean, fresh site design and focused, understandable content targeted toward forward-thinking, innovative clients.

To learn more about A Greener Solution, visit

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