Art Imitates T-shirt. T-shirt Imitates Art.

NDI designer, Cassidy Whitworth, has a routine of sketching almost every evening. Sometimes his designs make it onto t-shirts and sometimes those t-shirts win prizes.

His recent submission, My Imoto, was selected shirt of the month on The online community, made up of artists and t-shirt connoisseurs alike, votes on each design submitted. Winning designs are then printed on shirts and featured on the site. See Cassidy's winning design plus some of his other work at

Cassidy's Process

"My process is simple. Once I have some sort of inspiration, my excitement builds as I sketch and refine until I am content with the result. Then I scan it and continue refining digitally while I create separate layers for printing. Is there a more exciting way to spend an evening?"

"Imoto is partially a product of my love for monster movies (yes I do like the original Godzilla and new movies like Cloverfield and The Host) and usually optimistic view on life. Just because he's a monster doesn't mean that he is bent on destruction. We don't know if he plans to step over that next building or kick it down, but you can bet when the tanks arrive and start firing THEN those building and choppers are going down. I talked with my neighbor from Japan about getting the translation just right so the exclamations sound more playful then serious. After all, he's fuzzy, buck-toothed and didn't break anything yet, what's to be scared of? Did he fail as a monster or just not get pissed off yet?"

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