A Halloween "Whodunit"

All detectives on deck, there's a mystery afoot!

NeigerDesign Clue group costume, a design agency Halloween


Halloweens at NeigerDesign have been dark and spooky before, but never quite so...suspicious. A most terrible crime has occurred—the murder of one Mr. Boddy, and before his final belly rubs could be enjoyed, no less—and everyone is a suspect in the ensuing mayhem.  


Clue's Mr Boddy aka Otto the NeigerDesign office dog
Mr. Boddy, a scruffy life snuffed out* too soon

Who is to blame for the mysterious murder at the mansion design studio? Scrutinize the snapshots of the suspects and their weapons of choice below and tell us who you think could have done it!

Thankfully, there was at least one mystery solved, with the help of our astute audience (that's you!): the winner of the annual pumpkin contest. Find out who won at the end. 

Mr Green Clue Card NeigerDesign Jonathan AmenMr. Green with the dagger
Mrs Peacock Clue Card NeigerDesign Denae DiVincenzoMrs. Peacock with the rope
Professor Plum Clue Card NeigerDesign John ShawProfessor Plum with the wrench
Mrs White Clue Card NeigerDesign Michelle KretchmerMrs. White with the candlestick
Colonel Mustard Clue Card NeigerDesign Jim HutchisonColonel Mustard with the lead pipe
Miss Scarlet Clue Card NeigerDesign Carol NeigerMiss Scarlet with the set square


Do you know who the murderer could be? It's a tricky situation to be sure, as no one looks particularly innocent! At least we could get to the bottom of our pumpkin puzzle, with many thanks to everyone who voted.   

This year's pumpkin contest entries were:

NeigerDesign Halloween pumpkin contest 2018

From left to right:  Neiger rhymes with... (Jonathan), The Garden of Gourd & Evil (Denae), Godzilla (John)

NeigerDesign annual pumpkin contest for Halloween

From left to right:  Squished Squash (Jim), MVPumpkin (Michelle), Laughing 'til I'm coffin (Carol)

The 2018 winners were:

1st—Neiger rhymes with... by Jonathan Amen
2nd—The Garden of Gourd & Evil by Denae DiVincenzo
3rd—Laughing 'til I'm coffin by Carol Neiger

As always, many thanks to everyone who joined in on the fun and helped us to enjoy our favorite holiday of the year. Share with us what you did for your own Halloween! And check out more photos, and some outtakes, on our Facebook Page


*No dogs were harmed in the making of this Halloween, and in fact received ample treats and affection for agreeing to wear such an adorable outfit.


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