NeigerDesign's 2011 Holiday Gift - We've Got a Mat for that

Each year, we try to do something special to celebrate the holiday season and the ringing in of each new year. For this year’s project, we wanted to put together a piece that could both entertain and inform our clients, while simultaneously reminding them of how awesome it is to work with NeigerDesign.

Our efforts took us back to our collective childhood, where reading the back of the cereal box was something we looked forward to before having to hop on the bus each morning (or in Barry’s case, walking in three feet of snow, uphill both ways, fighting dinosaurs etc etc.).

But instead of designing the perfect cereal box, we opted for a more versatile approach, and each of us created a placemat to keep you entertained as you eat. Each placemat’s content was specific to its creator, leading to 8 unique and ridiculously clever designs that focused on our daily decision-making, thinking, and creative processes. Our placemats will teach you how to accomplish a variety of tasks, ranging from picking out what to eat to taking better photos and even how to organize your fridge.

The Placemat's Specifics:

Each placemat is printed on 100# White Yupo Cover Stock “paper.” The quotes are there to represent the fact that Yupo’s actually a synthetic paper. What does that mean, other than the fact that we love trees or something? It means Yupo’s made of polypropelene and is 100% waterproof, tear- and stain-resistant, making it pretty much the perfect thing to use as a placemat.

So far, people have loved it. Josh O’s mom, for example, told him that “Tre’ was funnier than you again,” while his dad was kind enough to point out that “it’s a good thing you stuck with words and didn’t try drawing again.”

Anyway, happy New Year, and all of our finest wishes for health, prosperity and happiness go out to you and yours in 2012. Mayan predictions or not, we’ve got a good feeling about this year!

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