Neiger "Rhymes With" Tiger

Office Mascot, Digital Design and Marketing, Tiger Client Experience Officer

Neiger Tiger helps clients “see beyond” the surface… and not just because she has excellent nocturnal vision. She’s always had a knack for strategic thinking and creativity. After all, her parents were born in the heart of the jungle and had feline instincts for slowly and quietly approaching their prey.

We added Neiger Tiger to our team because we know that humans can learn from the silent and efficient movements of tigers. To be successful, sometimes you need to forego all the rushing and roaring. Sometimes you just need to slow down, listen closely, take a step back and use design thinking to arrive at the best approach.

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The lions guarding the Art Institute of Chicago’s precious masterpieces… and firefighters (she’s been rescued from a tree or two)


The dream that one day she will catch the mysterious moving red dot during PowerPoint presentations.

Creative expressions

She is not a numbers cat (no cat is, to be honest), but she’s fluent in Tiger and almost all design languages. The support of NeigerDesign’s Studio/Shift allows her to spend time outside of work creating recycled art from old yarn balls, toilet paper rolls, and hairballs. (A little catnip always helps get the creative juices flowing.)


“Nothing is permanent. Everything changes. That’s the one thing we know for sure in this world.”
– Calvin & Hobbes