NeigerDesign Provides Joomla CMS Training

At NeigerDesign, our theory on launching custom-designed websites with content management systems (CMS) is similar to the theory of driver’s education.

We know our clients are excited to hop in and take their shiny new site for a test run, but without proper instruction, accidents can happen. That’s why we offer in-depth Joomla CMS training for sites we create, and provide ongoing support to help our clients fully utilize their site’s functionality and capabilities.

Whether you’re part of a “team of one” or a well-stemmed office branch, NeigerDesign can provide the in-person or over-the-web CMS training and support you need to keep your site up, running, and stocked with fresh content, news, and information.

To find out more about our Joomla website design, static-site-to-CMS migration, and CMS training, contact us today at 847-328-1648.

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