Summer Fun Day 2013

On a morning that began with gray skies and sprinkles, the NeigerDesign team embarked on its Summer Strategic Planning Day, an annual offsite meeting to review the previous year’s business activities and set goals for the year ahead.

Our team first charged up our batteries with a hearty breakfast and business planning session at Fuel restaurant in Wilmette. Following the theme "Surviving and Thriving Post-Recession," each staff member gave a presentation on ways NeigerDesign can continue to deliver exceptional creative thinking and end products to our clients.

After a brain-busting planning session all morning, it was time to release some energy as Carol and team headed off to the Skokie Lagoons for some kayaking and yoga (not necessarily at the same time, although a couple staff members tried).

In keeping with the morning's "Surviving and Thriving" theme, a friendly survivor-themed team challenge commenced on the water. Representing Team INeva Cheetahs were Carol and Josh, Barry and Hilary as the Lagoonies, Jim and John as J Team, and Michelle and Ryan as The 2 Marketeers.

Two-person teams launched their tandem kayaks under rain-threatening skies, tasked with the following: finding and drawing three birds;, collecting an "impressive" piece of garbage, as well as a feather and five rocks; and performing a kayak song, among others. The winning team INeva Cheetahs edged out The 2 Marketeers by a slim margin. The real winners, however, were those who managed to stay dry during the afternoon paddle (and no, it never did rain.) A guided yoga session followed to get everyone feeling loose and refreshed—and craving ice cream!. So it was on to Homer's, a Wilmette institution in its 60th year, to cap off a full day of using nearly all body parts brain to toe...proving once again, that great designers know how to multitask.

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