The Dark Side of NeigerDesign

Halloween 2015 Brought Out the Villains in Us

Every year the NeigerDesign team ramps up for Halloween with a pumpkin contest and fun, themed costumes. This year the theme took a sinister turn: everyone dressed as villains. Thank you to everyone who voted on our pumpkin contest—sharing in the holiday with our clients and friends is what we look forward to the most! 

The 2015 winners were:

1st—Dieorama by Denae
2nd—Pumpfin by John
3rd—The Hatchling by Barry

Beneath each villain below is the pumpkin they created! 

NeigerDesign Halloween pumpkin contest villain costumes

From left to right: (First row) Cruella de Vil, Jack the Ripper, Cruella de Vil, the Frito Bandito 
(Second row) Gourdney Love, Pumpfin, Schwarber's Ball, Pumpktuation

Halloween group NeigerDesign pumpkin contest villain costume

From left to right: (First row) Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, a cigarette, the Stay Puft marshmallow man
(Second row) Dieorama, Dia De Los Muertos Chicago, mummy, the Hatchling

Group Halloween villains costumes

Happy Halloween from NeigerDesign!


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