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Digital Badges Explained

No doubt you've heard the buzz about digital credentials, but what are they? Can they improve your career or your organization? NeigerDesign got the scoop from credentialing experts at Professional Examination Service to help you learn more.

What are Digital Credentials?

Digital credentials (which are the same as digital badges) are digital representations of a certification or credential, traditionally acknowledged with a paper certificate. A digital credential is awarded to an individual as proof that the recipient has met the criteria for the certification or credential. A digital credential signals that the recipient has demonstrated qualifications in a certain area of expertise.

A digital credential is shared or published by the recipient on his social media and digital networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+, as well as in email messages and on personal websites.

The coolest part is that each digital badge is a clickable link to the individual's credential portal where it is verified as valid by the issuing organization. Because of its digital nature, all checks are done in real-time, and include information about the requirements met to earn the credential. In addition it includes information about the issuing organization such as links to their website and other resources.

Who Benefits?

Certifying Organizations: Digital credentials enhance the value of a certification to credential earners and prospects. They also provide a low-cost yet highly visible opportunity to promote your brand, product and service.

Credential Earners: Digital credentials provide a convenient and reliable way to display and share certifications via social media, email, personal websites or blogs. Digital badges are visual, shareable ways to demonstrate achievement. 

Hiring Organizations: Digital credentials provide the ability to quickly and easily verify an applicant's certifications in real time, and verify that the credential is in good standing. They make it easier to learn more about the credential and the issuing organization.

Professional Examination Service

NeigerDesign has learned so much about this new technology through working closely with ProExam, one of the largest credentialing insight providers. We are working with them to raise awareness about digital credentialing through webinars, conference attendance, and website repositioning.

ProExam has the insight, experience and innovative tools to help organizations create new and enhance existing credential programs. For more information on digital badges, please visit:

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