Studio//Shift - NeigerDesign's Art Collaborative for Creative Growth

We are creative at work and beyond.

Studio//Shift is an art collaborative of NeigerDesign team members and alumni. It is a catalyst for creative growth and a channel for idea and information sharing. It helps each of us become our best self.

Studio//Shift is passion in action.

What do we do at Studio//Shift? We support each other in pursuing our creative passions outside of work. This support is significant to our individual art practices because it increases our collective creative intelligence through the synthesis of multiple minds, disciplines, ideas and visions. We strive to enhance our creative lives in six core areas:


Exhibit our work in individual and group shows.

Critique Groups

Provide constructive advice to artistic challenges.

Arts Education

Share information about classes, workshops, artist residencies, grants, etc.

Art Appreciation

Visit gallery shows, performances and museums.

Arts Advocacy

Participate in community art endeavors.

Practice Building

Help each other move our art practices forward.


Whether it's painting, writing, acting, fashion or jewelry design, we encourage and promote each other's personal artistic passions.

This ignites and fuels the creativity and problem-solving talents that we employ in our daily work lives at NeigerDesign. Each designer//artist contributes a distinctive perspective and style. The give and take of collaboration energizes all of us—and provides a wellspring of creative solutions, personally and professionally.


Perspectives is an expansion of the Studio//Shift arts collaborative and initiative created to encourage the pursuit of creative growth beyond the office. Whether it be a trip to the MCA, visiting a new gallery exhibition or documenting fun sketchbook illustrations, the everyday encounters with art in our short and sweet posts are sure to delight and inspire.

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