Barry Lohman

Outside of NeigerDesign, my creative passion currently focuses on improvisation. I have a friend who I consider my improv mentor who teaches at Second City. He had been encouraging me more and more aggressively to take a class and when he showed me the Rules for Improv I decided to make the leap. To me the Rules for Improv are great Rules for Life. They are in perfect alignment with the underlying principals of the 12 steps of recovery which have been grounding me since 1999. I took my first Second City improv class in March, 2014 and continue to take progressive classes with many of the same improv students forming strong bonds as an ensemble. There has been a great deal of interest lately in improvisation as a business and team-building tool. I cannot say HOW improv enhances my appreciation of the creative and strategic activities that are part of life here at NeigerDesign, I can only say that it DOES.