Anixter Center Brand

Anixter Center needed a new brand identity that reflected their leadership position in passionately providing innovative services to individuals with disabilities.

We created a new brand represented by a kite, focusing on the ability of every individual to reach his or her own potential. The ability to soar.

  • During a time of organizational transition, Anixter Center turned to NeigerDesign to create a branding strategy that would unify our complex organization while respecting the diversity of the many pieces we were bringing together under one banner. The NeigerDesign team listened carefully, led thoughtfully and created a branding strategy that was creative and imaginative. Their strategic approach yielded an impressive and enduring Anixter Center brand that is still being used today, more than five years later.
    Kevin Limbeck, President & CEO
    Anixter Center

    Anixter Center

    Anixter Center is a social impact nonprofit changing the lives of over 7,000 people each year.

    Rebranding a Nonprofit Identity for a New Era

    A case study on creating a brand that resonates.

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