Adler Planetarium

The annual Celestial Ball, an elegant fundraising event that attracts the who’s who of Chicago society, has a unique theme created to reflect the magnitude of possibilities that the Adler Planetarium represents. This theme is applied to invitations, posters, save-the-dates, event materials, and coasters as well as the development of a new logo each year. 


2018 Celestial Ball: Earthrise

Adler 2018 Cover IMG 6217 1200 PX Wide

Adler 2018 IMG 6214 1200 PX Wide

Adler 2018 IMG 6230 1200 PX Wide

Adler 2018 IMG 6214 1200 PX Wide

Adler 2018 IMG 6230 1200 PX Wide

2017 Celestial Ball: Solar Flare

 Adler 2017 IMG 9909

Adler 2017 IMG 9914

Adler 2017 IMG 9919

2016 Celestial Ball: Across The Universe

The goal of the Adler Planetarium’s printed invitation was to generate excitement for, and attendance at, their most important annual fundraiser, the 2016 Adler Celestial Ball. We developed a concept that spotlighted the majesty and magic of the solar system with an emphasis on Planet Nine, based on exciting new images sent to Earth by the New Horizons spacecraft. An accordion-folded horizontal invitation — layered with intricate die cuts — allowed us to manufacture the vastness of space, while highlighting the element of surprise and discovery. The colors reflect the Adler Planetarium's new branding, resulting in our sophisticated, yet playful, invitation. The abstract shapes and cuts were inspired by photos taken from the NASA website and represent the ever-evolving discoveries being made today in our solar system.

Adler 2016 1

Adler 2016 2

Adler 2016 3

2013 Celestial Ball: Infinite Horizons

The expansiveness of space and planetary imagery combine in this interactive invitation that reflects the Infinite Horizons theme. 

Adler 82



2012 Celestial Ball: Milky Way

The beauty and wonder of the Milky Way inspired this year’s theme which we embodied in the invitation with an unusual application of metallic flocking on rich midnight blue paper. An engaging tactile experience.




2011 Celestial Ball: Supernova

A supernova is a massive, expanding star. We wanted to make the invitations interactive, as well as classic. Working with Trish Witkowski at, NeigerDesign was able to develop an intricate folded invitation that, when opened, expanded just like a developing supernova.