Molly sitting at her desk

Molly Kettler

Office Manager

The role of office manager is ideal for Molly since it combines her passion for the arts with her extensive experience in accounting and human resource administration. Molly keeps Neiger’s finances on track and ensures that the office runs smoothly. Her attention to detail also makes her a great fit for proofreading copy and analyzing project budgets.

I am personally satisfied daily as the purveyor of information and assistance for both human resources and client accounts here at NeigerDesign. Being of service in this manner creates value and mutually beneficial relationships internally and with our customer base.


My colleagues inspire me to learn more about the world of marketing. Their collective creativity is an asset that really makes NeigerDesign’s work stand out. I enjoy learning from them and contributing my talent as needed on client projects.


I believe in being a lifelong learner. I am always open to learning. In addition to accounting, I have taken a diverse palette of liberal arts courses throughout my life. I hold two Bachelor’s degrees, one in History from Northeastern Illinois University and the other in Linguistics from the State University of New York at Buffalo.
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