Close Encounters of the First Kind

Our office windows face the windows of a creative community planning and landscape architecture firm across the street.

Invitation Accepted

For the past 14 years we had never met or talked. We decided to end the silence with a slow reveal invitation to our annual halloween lunch party.

Part 1: Low-Tech Invitation Builds Interest Over Time.










Invitation Accepted

Part 2: Contact!

With a witch’s cauldron and cobwebs welcoming Teska at our office entrance, we met our neighbors—many of whom were clad in costume—over pizza, pumpkins and prizes! Meet Teska (not in costume) here: Decked out as the Addams Family, NeigerDesign staff held a group-wide vote for the best costume (who could possibly compete with Morticia and Uncle Fester?), while Teska staff members took home some prizes of their own. To round out the afternoon, our new friends added their votes to the online voting of NeigerDesign‘s pumpkins in its (eh-hem) highly competitive annual pumpkin decorating contest. Check out the winners of the pumpkin decorating contest on the previous post.

Teska Guests

Two Teska staff members, accompanied by their comrades…a masked marauder, a wranglin’ cowboy, a sweet ladybug, someone dreamin’ of the warmer climes of Hawaii, and a swimmer headed to the Dells with inflatable duck floatie. Hey, who invited Garth?

Group Photo

The Addams Family welcomes Teska. Absent from photo: Wednesday (Carol, photographer), Thing and Cousin Itt.

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