Evanston 4th of July - Celebrating for 100 Years

This concept cleverly leverages the Gross Pointe Lighthouse against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Michigan to provide a powerful visual representation of Evanston. Additionally, this setting serves as a stunning backdrop for the fireworks display. The integration of the Lighthouse is particularly notable, as it takes center stage with an oversized "100" motif, featuring the title "Celebrating 100 Years: Evanston Fourth of July Association" in a captivating 3D script. This establishes a visual connection with the Lighthouse and adds a dynamic and engaging element to the overall design.

Evanston 4th of July Association

The sole mission of the Evanston 4th of July Association is to provide safe and entertaining family oriented events and activities on the nation’s Independence Day Holiday. The Association was founded and continues to operate on these Core Values: freedom of views and expressions, respect for individual rights, responsibility to provide fair and equal treatment of participants and spectators, cooperation with City of Evanston codes and ordinances, and to provide the best Independence Day celebration possible for all to enjoy and remember.
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