The Angle Magazine 2013

Alpha Omega Epsilon, a professional and social sorority for women in the field of engineering and technical sciences, needed to better distinguish its magazine The Angle with a new, more contemporary design and distinct brand look.

NeigerDesign created a special 30th anniversary issue to initiate the transformation of The Angle from newsletter to magazine, and then developed a long-term magazine design that utilizes vibrant colors and clean lines that are suggestive of the technical knowledge these skilled women possess while also evoking the fun and comradery they share as members of the sorority.

When The Angle first took full magazine form to widen its reach to its talented members spread across North America, NeigerDesign had the honor of initiating the new design with an issue to celebrate the sorority's 30th anniversary. Dynamic graphics and bold use of color along with a friendly editorial style moved the brand forward to engage the incoming generation of engineering students while continuing to appeal to the vital alumnae members.

Alpha Omega Epsilon

Alpha Omega Epsilon is a social and professional sorority for women in engineering and technical sciences. The sorority was founded at Marquette University in 1983. There are 48 active chapters of the sorority.
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