Carol Neiger

Carol Neiger

President and Owner

Driven by a passion to create innovative, problem-solving design with her own dynamic creative team, Carol founded NeigerDesign in 1989. She specializes in integrated branding and marketing strategy, continuing to deliver—more than 30 years later—on her promise to NeigerDesign’s clients: Brands that stand out. Results that stand up. In addition to building a highly satisfied clientele, her work has earned numerous graphic design and marketing awards.

The technology constantly changes, but the challenge remains the same—figuring out how to use our creativity and experience to create brands that deliver impact and results. That's what I find most rewarding.

Creative Expression

As a painter and printmaker, place is prominent in my work. Each painting is created not to record or depict a place but to evoke the feeling I had at the time of being there. Each of my landscapes is created with hope that viewers will be reminded of their own experiences and memories of different places and the life they have lived.


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change.
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